Friday, August 04, 2006

Ah, those America idols

Wall Street Journal derides Muslim “value system” by editorializing (Aug.3, 2006) about Hudood , under which, the editorial claims, Muslim women can be stoned for reporting her rape.

Meanwhile, America takes pleasure at the relentless public pillory of a powerful Hollywood icon (a fundamentalist Christian some say after producing The Passion of the Christ) for grousing under the influence (GUI): Fuck the Jews. Talk about disempowerment the modernized way.

Lest we forget, “Fuck the Draft” is a protected speech per Cohen v. California (1971).

Should one be willing to slaughter the innocents for Tony Blair’s jihad, the “global fight about global values”?

And a two-state solution? When President Truman got exasperated by the Zionist lobby in Washington during the creation of the state of Israel, he blurted out: “Jesus Christ couldn’t please them when he was here on earth, so how could one expect that I would have any luck?” He didn’t. Truman buckled to the dismay of the British whose project was a binational state. That was sixty years ago.

Didn’t you notice Israel literally went ballistic when Hamas was democratically elected? Well, it seems that a democracy is not a democracy if someone’s government is not pro-US. Ask Hugo Chavez. Or look what’s happening to Hezbollah after gaining some seats in the Lebanese parliament.

When will we be ever nice, respectful and humble with rest of the world if and when things don’t usually go our way? Or walk the talk of letting others go and be as best as they can be because that’s the value system we believe in as worth fighting for?

btw, the latest I heard is that Tony is learning some Cha-Cha steps from Arnold while in California. America you know loves “American Idol” (and what’s the new one about America’s favorite dancers?) . . . those obnoxious and cute Brits, I mean.

I’m off to go fishing this weekend. It’s emotionally draining watching those talking heads.


Blogger cvj said...

Looks like you'll have plenty of company on your fishing trip this weekend. Billmon says that the 'War Party' is just getting started and the Democrats are part of it as the 'cadet branch'.

August 05, 2006 7:44 AM  
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