Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Red’s hearings

Alex: The most rabidly anti-Arroyo think Cha cha is nothing more than a ploy to extend the President’s lease (on power). This is not right. The unelected are dictating on the elected.

FVR: You’re not speaking of me Alex, are you?

Conrad: Well, I am, sir. But whether you are a rabid anti-Arroyo (or, I fact, anti) is the least of my worries. But, who the hell are you telling anyone what to do? Decide what kind of government we should have? Or who should head the country or which direction it should go? And being an ordinary citizen, just like you and me, you are an “unelected . . . dictating on the elected.”

Cid: Elected, unelected? In the Philippines, nobody gets elected. Politicians either cheat or get cheated. That’s how election Philippine style works. Anyway, our senior statesman is the best we ever had e-- er -- elected.

Pacman: Pasingit. Para maiwasan ang dadag bawas sa score card, patutulugin ko nang maaga si Erik. (Translation: Ad lib. To not contend with hanging and pregnant chads on the score card, I will KO Erik early.)

Dean: Yeah, right. I should have known better, too. Those supreme judges junked the automated system deliberately to pave the way for that massive GMA-Garci electoral bamboozle ala Vegas. My mea culpa. I succumbed to mob rule, then.

Conrad: Let me tell you what mob rule is, Dean. When people like Ramos and De Venecia and Pichay decree who resigns and who does not, who is wrong and who is not, who keeps power and who does not, that’s mob rule. That is not politics of principle or ideology.

Alex: Hi Cid. I agree that our electoral system is weak. But, that will not be cured simply by selecting better people to manage our elections. It will, if we alter the electoral format itself. Elections at large - not the COMELEC or the PET for that matter - are the real culprit. And to you Conrad, don’t you realize by now that your ranting and raving do not work at all. Those who have the time and the energy to philosophize about alternative political orders (and bloggers and commenters are you listening too?) do so simply because they are in no position to do anything about the system. They might have the sound bites, the media (or blog) space, but the reality is that they neither have the power nor the means to do anything about their utopias.

mlq3: The only way forward, and I’m paraphrasing the esteemed Justice Palma, whether first to replace a discredited incumbent, or to institute structural reforms, is within the parameters of the Constitution. There is no substitute for the hard work, the painful and painstaking methods under our basic law, for resolving all things.

Cory: I’m sure you are not talking about me, hijo, ha? Let me say this though: the least painful path for the nation today is for the President to make the supreme sacrifice. My dream, you know, is to create an empowered citizenry as the foundation of our democracy.

GMA: Wake up! Oh, I’m sorry, I mean you Manolo. Anyway, in politics, never speak in absolutes. Government is not only about the ends but also about the means of pursuing choices effectively. You can only go far also about the means because there are times when a leader, a true leader (this time GMA side-glancing at the lady in yellow) must continue to lead despite being unpopular.

Alex: Dream on (inaudible). You had your chance (still inaudible). Thanks, Madame President. Now, please let me continue . . .

Dawin: Objection, your honor. Not Madame President, just Madam GMA . . . and thanks, Manolo for the correct English usage . . . since, since her legitimacy is a prejudicial question.

Alex: . . .hmm, Lakas has the organization, the elected base, the logistics, the plan and most of all the audacity to undertake what the nation needs. It is the only party in a position to do anything about a situation that most of us can only whine about.

GMA: Shut up, Alex. That’s just another absolute. And grow up too! Who needs a party if you could be absolute? Didn’t you hear what I’ve said: The means, you know, the means . . . isn’t my phone ringing, where is it? Someone pick up the phone. Who is it?

Secretary: Heto, po. Ayaw sabihin po ma’am. Parang someone I’ve heard before, someone talking to you many times before, somewhere, I’m pretty sure.

GMA: Hello . . . hello . . .


Anonymous cvj said...

A crisp distillation of the above parties' viewpoints - fair to all concerned.

January 18, 2006 12:22 PM  
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