Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just another acerbic wit?

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Now I know, by courtesy of Placeholder, Schumey and Maru, how she was trapped like a Cetacea in a sardine can, and felt that the airline seats were too small, and didn’t need a heavy sweater in the winter but a Joe Malone after climbing every steps of Parthenon (My foot . . . although I do believe her seeing herself floating by the law of buoyancy in the Aegean Sea and saving her makeup and herself from a major meltdown by natural internal combustion!) and claimed everyone but her in the economy class was yelled at for having overweight hand-carries and how in the first place she saved on her ticket and ended up on the economy class.

By the policy of some airlines, dating back to the 1980s, prickly Ms. Porky should be required to book two for one, according to a post in Associated Content.

That piece argued: “For years, airline passengers have had their carry-on baggage restricted to maximum dimensions. So, why not the passengers? One concept that is rapidly gaining in popularity is to install people sizers at all check-in counters: templates that all passengers would be required to fit through in order to qualify for a standard ticket. Can't fit through the people sizer? Buy two seats.”

“As I type this, I’d like you to know that it’s not about whining, complaining and bitching but just stating the facts.”

And the supposed facts are: “. . . I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in the Mediterranean. To cut on some costs for this impromptu vacation I was forced to fly economy class which I absolutely do not wish on my worst enemy. I was, however, encouraged by my travel agent to try out Emirates since it won the best economy class, so with great trepidation I flew on Emirates via Dubai, completely forgetting that Dubai is the hub for all the Filipino migrant workers. Call me whatever you like but when you are trapped in economy class that is filled to the brim with migrant workers the smell gets a little funky after nine hours of flying.”

I also did want to bang the keyboard more, harder and faster as I had in my last entry but some angel saved me the trip. The point is, Angelo Navarro explains to Manila Standard Today columnist Malu Fernandez -
I can take criticisms from foreigners with a grain of salt, since their observations may be due to their ignorance of our culture and values or lack of knowledge of the harsh realities of our country. But those criticisms coming from somebody who is at the very least aware of the situation of our countrymen is much harder to swallow . . . .

. . . not all Filipinos are as lucky in life as you. That is precisely the reason why millions of us are forced by necessity, and not by choice, to work abroad in search of greener pastures. True, a lot of us OFW’s may work as domestic helpers or construction workers (not the kind of people you want to be trapped with in any of your flights), but do understand that we’re just trying to make a decent and honest living to better our lives and the lives of those we love back home. We still believe there is dignity in labor, not like the corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen that bleed our country dry. And mind you, this comes as a big sacrifice for us; oftentimes we pay through our blood, sweat and tears.

Post about post:

Malu’s inspirational journey after WLS

My name is Malu Fernandez. I am 39 years old and I had WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) June 8 2005. I live in the Philippines where a size 10 is considered extra large or a plus size, this I know because I am one of the first people to open a Plus size shop. I had been wanting to have the surgery for the last three years but it was never available in my country. To have it done in the USA would cost me forty to fifty thousand dollars not including the travel expenses. Bear in mind the average income in this third world country is 3000 a year. Plus being 322-lbs meant only business or first class seats another four thousand.(Emphasis mine)

At any rate a new team of doctors trained in the USA brought the surgery here for only ten thousand dollars. So I did it. The first two weeks were a living hell I puked all day without even eating I was so weak I kept telling myself you paid ten thousand dollars to puke all day what an idiot!

Like everyone else I was instructed to eat pureed foods which I couldn't even swallow it made me puke even more it felt like I was eating regurgitated food finally I rebelled and ate a soda cracker; it was heaven and I finally stopped puking. To date I lost 40lbs but I seem to be obsessed with my scale and when my weight fluctuates I freak out. I didn't even own a scale for years simply because I just didn't care any more. Getting WLS was just because my mobility was being threatened by my obesity and my health wasn't doing any good either. I have been on diets all my life and none ever worked out I have lost a 100 lbs and gained it back simply because I couldn't control my appetite and I am an emotional eater. WLS helps me control myself because I simply cannot overeat.

However, in a country where if you weigh 150lbs they call you fat (my sis weighs 93lbs) WLS does not have the same kind of support that the USA has in terms of visits to the nutritionists group therapy etc... There is a support group but there are not enough members to give enough feedback. For instance I can't deal with drinking my vitamins they make me puke what are the alternatives? I can tolerate regular cranberry juice (but stick to diet) I can tolerate diary, I can't tolerate meat(I used to in the beginning) I can only tolerate seafood. Rice which is a staple in Asian food I can barely swallow but I can eat pasta.

But I don't have anyone here to tell me if what I am doing is right or wrong... my doctor is very competent but he travels all around Asia all the time to perform WLS so he is always out and he says there are no set rules because everyone is unique even in terms of weight loss but I cant help getting paranoid when I hear someone losing 75 lbs in 2 months and I am on my 3rd month only having lost 40lbs.

This month I got myself enrolled in a gym with a personal trainer who I see 3x a week. I even count my calories and don't exceed 1000 calories a day but still I don't know if I am losing weight fast enough despite the doctor's constant reassurance that I'm fine. My paranoia still exists that I would screw this up just like all my other diets that have failed. But after reading some of the stories on your website I realize that I just need to calm down and be patient and continue to work hard but every day is a constant battle.


If we want to be on board the Pequod and go whaling, shouldn’t we be harpooning Moby-Dicks, the likes of Mr. Nick?

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