Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The whew! and the he he theories

The Universal Theory hypothesized by Philippine Inquirer editorialist and political hardballer John Nery in Newsstand appears to jibe with my Plaza Miranda Theory by which I liken the political rumblings now going on to campaign activities in a run-up to an “un-election” process we call impeachment in a presidential system, an equivalent to the no-confidence vote in a parliamentary system (a not-so-irrelevant comparative analysis now). Everyone at this juncture seems to understand that impeachment is a political process couched in constitutional and legal formalities.

At the other extreme is the Numbers Game Theory, or the Miriam Defensor-Santiago, and now the Joker Arroyo Theory (Joker believes the critical application of the theory is in the House of Representatives, i.e., produce the magic 79 there).

The Dubya Theory (George W’s presidency was ultimately a 5-4 decision, remember, hence it may also be called the Black Robe Theory), can just be another numbers game (or courtroom politics as some pragmatic ones would prefer to describe it), but this time couched in arcane language; so one fitting substitute for it could be Numbers-Language Theory. (NB: Legal standoff in the actual operation of the Numbers Game Theory in the House may trigger early the application of the Black Robe Theory.)

My earlier comments here may now carry the Hoarding Theory label stretching Marxian formulation (P.N. Abinales has pointed out it should be Gramscian), that People Power practitioners are “hoarding” the power, probably in the notion of “civil disobedience”; therefore the “inaction” is basically “action,” meaning, consciously or unconsciously, they don’t want to get involved in alienated politics, alienation being a state of powerlessness, (thus talking about cha-cha - or the merits of federalism or parliamentary system - at this point will work to diminish their “power of inaction”).

One dimension of the Hoarding Theory, as I have implied, could be the Anxiety Theory, the anxiousness about who will replace GMA and the much wide-and-long-ranging “what can be?”

The Put-up or Shut-up Theory (specifically addressed to the middle forces) that high-profile political pundit Mario Taguiwalo has postulated has its counterpart in the Sloth Theory (something I’ve picked up recently from our awesome “street” historian, Pedro), perhaps a sub-set of the trite Ningas Gugon Theory or what Randy David has once suggested as The (Lack of) Follow-Through Theory.

Now, I’m beginning to be intrigued by Mario T’s Chaos Theory (he has started incubating it in Newsstand) in this manner:
And there is still the possibility, maybe even the probability, down the line of an unexpected flashpoint when all the moral misgivings, all the distrust, and all the dissatisfaction with GMA might find some form of powerful political expression. Will the cheating exposed by the tapes lose its power to disgust and outrage as time goes by and no closure is done? Or will this suspected crime eventually solidify into a firm and resounding guilty verdict ripe for enforcement in the court of public opinion as time goes by and no final resolution emerges? My bet goes to a chaos theory construct of a mountain of pebbles piling up and moving around until a cataclysm occurs and it all comes crashing down. Placing odds on a chaos theory situation is definitely a long shot.
Does anyone have any idea about the Whew! Theory? hehe.


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